The Maker’s Playlist: 10 TED Talks to feed your tinkering habit

By doing and making and failing and trying something else, by combinational logics…. results

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The TEDActive community is made up of a unique group of smart, creative, passionate and quirky individuals. In this segment, we will be curating a special TED Talks playlist for each of the myriad of types of people we’ve run into at the TEDActive conference.

The Makers: the ones mad for tinkering, experimenting, creating crazy things that move, blink and buzz. (Also known as the Inventor with 1000 Ideas or the DIY Guy/Gal).

At every TEDActive, we always make sure to include interactive spaces where attendees can be inspired to create something by hand. Why? This experience — of connecting people through the art of making things — is an innately human one. We were born to build and create. When we bring the right-brain out to play, we get a very different type of conversation added to the mix.

We created this special TED Talks playlist to celebrate the vast…

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