The priority of the ready-to-hand

A Rigid Designator

In establishing the relationship between readiness-to-hand and presence-at-hand, we must first get clear on the meanings of these two terms. I will deal with a basic description of each in turn, but first I will make some preliminary remarks about these modes of being, generally. In a certain sense, they are ways in which Dasein relates to entities within the world. It is clear that Heidegger believed that without Dasein, there would be no ready-to-hand nor present-at-hand. From this we can tell that the modes of being have something to do with our practices. However, Heidegger is not an idealist. Nor does he say that the things we deal with are simply given subjective coloring of one kind or the other. The modes of being are dependent upon no particular Dasein, but on the society of Dasein as a whole. He writes that an understanding of readiness-to-hand may offer nothing…

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