Empathy and Global Stewardship: The Other 21st Century Skills

Unless there is more global thinking employed, given the state of the ‘global economy’ how can we move forward?

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Due to the interest of my post The Other 21st Skills, I decided to individually discuss each of the skills or dispositions I proposed that are in addition to the seven survival skills as identified by Tony Wagner.  This post focuses on empathy and global stewardship.

2013-05-22_1535Empathy has always been valued as an important skill to possess as a human being, so what makes it a 21st century skill?  I was recently asked by Steve Hargadon during a short video interview, “Is global education important?  If so, why?”  My response was, “Given that we are now living in a hyper-connected world, we can no longer plead that we don’t what is going on in other parts of the world.  Look at the recent incidents of the uprising in Egypt and Syria.  Global events are being streamed and tweeted in real time.  Global empathy and stewardship need to be part of…

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