The Manifesto for Teaching Online – Introduction

Edinburgh Online Learning Manifesto

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“When he began to experiment with the probe technique to sharpen awareness, McLuhan stumbled on how one cliché works to probe other clichés, especially media as clichés. This led him to realize that all forms and formal structures are clichés.”

—EricMcLuhan and William Kuhns, “Poetics on the Warpath” (pg. 412)

This is an interesting set of aphorisms which read kind of like McLuhan probes, evoking,promoting thought and comment, spinning off ideas which some of us more romantic wannabee intellectuals could imagine was like sitting in a deck chair listening to Wittgenstein musing while wielding briar and hearth poker in his private rooms at Cambridge.

I am a fan of blended approaches, also of the Socratic method, and independent study and student managed learning. Add to this evocative art, client centered therapy, participative design, and design and service thinking and you just about have me to a tee, apart from all my other interests and tastes.

I really like this form of probe, it is unoffensive yet provocative and I shall spend the next few days months years decadesmillennia answering each one individually.

McLuhan speaks

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